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Morning Glory: Misunderstood and Under Appreciated (6/09/23)

David Trinklein     

Read Time 8 MIN

Gardeners are reluctant to plant morning glorys as they are considered hard to control. But, properly located, it can be a very attractive, useful plant...learn more

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firefly on leaf

Flickering Fireflies Illuminate the Landscape (6/06/23)

Michele Warmund  |  Read Time 3 MIN

The flickering of fireflies signals the beginning of warm summer nights. Although these common beetles evoke a sense of wonder in viewers, they are simply performing a luminescent courtship ritual that has evolved over millennia...learn more

reel mower

April Showers bring May Lawnmowers (5/22/23)

David Trinklein  |  Read Time 6 MIN

When grass grows in suburbia, lawnmowers are soon to follow. As a result, lawn mowing activities tend to increase during the month of May. It is estimated that 54 million Americans mow their lawns each weekend and the average homeowner spends 70 hours caring for their lawn each year...learn more

pot with JUN in background

June Gardening Tips (5/19/23)

Donna Aufdenberg  |  Read Time 1 MIN

Gardening season has begun! Find these tips, tricks and tasks to keep you busy in and around the garden throughout the month of June...learn more

red cone shaped flowers with field of yellow flowers in background

Celosia: Pigweed's Attractive Cousin (5/08/23)

David Trinklein  |  Read Time 6 MIN

In the search for the ultimate "low maintenance" flowering garden annual, celosia is hard to beat. After all, it is a member of what commonly is known as the pigweed family...learn more

white flower with yellow center

Fragrant Magnolia Flowers Tantalize the Senses (5/03/23)

Michele Warmund  |  Read Time 5 MIN

Several species of ornamental magnolias grace the Missouri landscape with colorful flowers from March through mid-June. With their prolific bloom, magnolias' sweet, citrusy floral fragrance permeates the air and beguiles the senses when planted in the landscape...learn more

basket of tomatoes

Col. Johnson's Dramatic Demonstration (4/24/23)

David Trinklein  |  Read Time 7 MIN

Contrary to early 19th century beliefs, tomatoes are not poisonous. It took an eccentric New Englander by the name of Col. Robert Gibbon Johnson to kill this popular belief by merely surviving the consumption of one of today's most popular vegetables... fruits? ...learn more

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