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Drought Injury to Landscape Plants (8/08/22)

David Trinklein     

Read Time 6 MIN

While dry weather during summer months is not a stranger to Missouri, the blistering temperatures over the past several weeks have added to the peril of landscape plants...learn more

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box truck in empty parking lot with word Update overlayed

Pesticide Disposal Update (8/05/22)

Sam Polly  |  Read Time 3 MIN

The upcoming Missouri DNR waste pesticide collection day has been moved from August 13 to October 15, 2022...learn more

Spruce windbreak with additional red-stemmed dogwoods planted along its edge with a pasture

Mitigation of Herbicide Injury with Windbreaks (8/01/22)

Michele Warmund  |  Read Time 4 MIN

Other than growing plants in protective structures or planting crops and cultivars that are less susceptible to herbicide injury, there are few short-term solutions to avoid plant damage when herbicides drift onto your property...learn more

box truck in empty parking lot

Pesticide Disposal (7/26/22)

Sam Polly  |  Read Time 3 MIN

Here are some tips to help manage and dispose of pesticides safely...learn more

AUG over illustration of a seedling in a pot

August Gardening Tips (7/22/22)

Donna Aufdenberg  |  Read Time 1 MIN

The heat is not going away anytime soom. Here are some tips, tricks and tasks to keep you busy in the garden throughout the month of August...learn more

red tomato with cracking on top

Tomato Fruit Disorders (7/20/22)

David Trinklein  |  Read Time 9 MIN

When it comes to tomatoes, July is that time of year when many gardeners start to reap the ‘fruits of their labor’. To the dismay of many, the results of their toil are not what they had hoped for from the standpoint of both yield and fruit quality...learn more

gray and green bushes lining a walkway

Cool Off with Gray Plants (7/07/22)

David Trinklein  |  Read Time 6 MIN

While garden plants might not be able to reduce air temperatures significantly, they can help us feel a bit cooler on a hot summer day...learn more

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