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Patricia K. Hosack
University of Missouri
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Published: August 1, 2014

Host Diagnosis
Green beans Chemical injury - herbicide
Pepper Bacterial leaf spot* (Xanthomonas spp.)
Rhubarb Slug damnage
Celery Early blight (Cercospora spp.)
Tomato Chemical injury - herbicide*
Tomato Adventitious roots girdling* (due to high humidity)
Tomato Undetermined virus
Tomato Leaf mold* (Fulvia fulva)
Tomato Sooty Mold
Tomato Pith necrosis*
Tomato Nutrient deficiency
Tomato Bacterial canker
Tomato Rhizoctonia root rot
Tomato Pythium root rot
Tomato Bacterial leaf spot* (Xanthomonas spp.)
Spaghetti squash Fusarium stem rot

For the month of July there were 90 samples sub-mitted to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic. Two were for plant / weed identification, 14 turfgrass disease identi-fication and the other 74 were for general plant dis-ease diagnosis. Not included are the countless num-ber of emails, phone calls and walk-ins that trickle or flood in each day. Overall, it has been a steady month with some days busier than others.

The weather has been variable, or perhaps crazy is a better word to describe it. This is the first year I remember wearing a long sleeve shirt on the 4th of July! The cooler weather, especially the low night temperatures, are taking a toll on tomatoes and cu-curbits. Both of these crops like warm temperatures. Cool weather can cause flowers to be aborted and / or poor fruit set and development. Cool tempera-tures coupled with moist conditions in early July also favored powdery mildew, for an early start on pump-kins usually not seen much until late summer.

The table has a list of diseases or issues for vegetables that have been diagnosed for the month of July. Some of the issues we have seen repeatedly, they are marked with an *.

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