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Sam Polly
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Pesticide Disposal Update

Sam Polly
University of Missouri

August 5, 2022

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The upcoming Missouri Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) waste pesticide collection day has been moved from August 13 to October 15, 2022. This postponement provides more time to sort and contain waste pesticides for transport to the free event. It also provides each of us time to help get the word out as we make Missouri the standard for environmental stewardship. Proper and timely waste pesticide disposal is particularly important because storage of these substances poses a hazard to the public and environment when fire, flood, or tornado events strike a region, dispersing such products into the environment. Feel free to forward the following event link to friends and colleagues who might need to do some fall cleaning in their businesses' chemical storage shed or home storage cabinet:


A related EPA enforcement incident in Missouri recently illustrated a situation that puts consumers at risk of violating the law and posing unnecessary risk to family and neighbors. On June 15, 2022, EPA inspectors found unlabeled zip-top bags containing rodent bait, along with other improperly repackaged and mislabeled rodenticides offered for sale at a pest control business in St. Louis, Missouri. What is particularly alarming about this incident is that rodenticides typically contain anticoagulants which interfere with blood clotting, resulting in rapid death by excessive bleeding. Rodent baits are particularly hazardous to children and pets since they are formulated as pellets or blocks. These products being offered for sale without safety and use precautions present an extreme hazard. Additionally, EPA inspectors found other unregistered and misbranded pesticide products at the site. This incident illustrates the importance of pesticide safety. All Missourians have a critical role to play in keeping children, pets, and even unknowing adults safe when we see a hazardous situation such as pesticide in a food or beverage container or stored within reach of children. More can be read about this incident at:


Examples of illegally offered pesticide products in this recent enforcement action include:

  • Contrac Ready-To-Use Place Pacs Meal rodenticide
  • FINAL Ready-To-Use Place Pac Pellets rodenticide
  • Professional Pest Control Concentrate
  • Talon G Bait Pack Mini-Pellets rodenticide
  • Unlabeled green, red, blue and brown blocks of rodenticide
  • Wilson's Pest Control Professional Growth Regulator
  • Wilson's Termite & Carpenter Ant Control

If you find yourself in possession of unlabeled or unregistered pesticides such as those listed above, the upcoming DNR waste pesticide collection event is an ideal disposal option to ensure these dangerous products are safely disposed of.

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