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Is another soybean rally in 2023 possible? (11/06/23)

Ben Brown  |  Read Time 4 MIN

The 2023 US crops have not held up to lofty pre-season expectations and it is likely both will record below trend yields for the second consecutive year....learn more

green drum container on green background BIOFUEL OUTLOOK

Is the Biofuel Glass Half Full or Half Empty? (10/19/23)

Ben Brown  |  Read Time 4 MIN

Agriculture commodities have had a relationship with liquid fuel markets since Waterloo Boy tractors emerged across the countryside and diesel became a viable energy source to transport grain. This relationship has changed over time...learn more

combine in corn field

Acreage Increase and Weak Demand Offset Corn Yield Impact (10/09/23)

Ben Brown  |  Read Time 5 MIN

Yield variability exists every year to some degree, but 2023 stands out as uniquely variable because it was not limited state to state or county to county, but one end to the other end within the same field...learn more

dark spots on corn leaf

Tar spot of corn increases its footprint in Missouri (8/25/23)

Mandy Bish  |  Read Time 3 MIN

Tar spot–one more adversary of the 2023 Missouri corn crop...learn more

grass and roots with nodes

What's that grass in your pasture? (8/24/23)

Kevin Bradley  |  Read Time 3 MIN

It's that time of year in Missouri when annual weeds rear their ugly heads and there's a new species in town–knotroot foxtail...learn more

pie chart

University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic 2023 Semi-Annual Report for Field Crops (8/15/23)

Pierce Taylor  |  Read Time 4 MIN

From January to July 2023, the MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic has received 232 physical samples and 125 digital samples...learn more

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