About Garden Adventures

About this website.

This Garden Adventure is intended for a gradeschool level audience.

You are guided through the site by Jessica the butterfly. There are 4 seasonal maps of the same garden - fall, winter, spring and summer. Each garden map will exhibit unique seasonal plants, shrubs, trees, beneficial insects, pests, and fun facts.

Have Fun Exploring!


How to use this website.

For Computers: Clicking on and rolling over or mousing over objects is how you get around.

While your on the home page, you can let the carousel rotate on its own, or you can click on the carousel slides to ENTER that garden section of the web site. Once your are on a Garden map, you can click on any of the 9 areas, also noted in the KEY to the right of the map. Once you've gotten to an area on the map, you can first rollover Jessica the butterfly to find out how many things you can find on that page. Then explore by rolling over the plants, insects, and other icons and a description will popup about that object. Once you have clicked onto the the icons, more detailed pages will open, and you will notice some words are bolded and italicized. Rolling over those words will popup a definition. And rolling over each small image will popup a larger image for your exploration. Some larger images will have even more detailed descriptions on them.

For Tablets and Phones: Tapping and pinching is how you get around.

For tablets and phones you will not have the same functionality as on a computer. Instead of clicking on objects, you'll tap on them. The rollover highlights and descriptions will not show up, so you just have to tap around to explore. The carousel does not rotate on its own, so again TAP each slide to go to a garden map. TAP the maps area numbers, and then TAP the various objects to get to more information view more images. You can pinch and expand pages to enlarge them for readability.