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White Oak

White oak is native to eastern United States and one of the most popular trees seen growing in this region. It is not a very tall tree, reaching 65 to 85 feet at maturity, but it can become quite massive because of the reach of its lower branches. White oak is a long-lived tree known to live up to 600 years. When first cut, the wood is light beige almost white, giving the tree its name. Wood is found in products such as flooring, furniture, and is used to make barrels for the production of wine. Acorns are a major source of food in the tree's ecosystem.

Close-up of a green leaf. Leaves range from 5 to 8 inches and haveseven to nine round-ended lobes. grayish bark with grooves and rectangular scales Close-up of a whitish-tan acorn with a textured darker tan cap. Birds, deer, voles, mice and even black bear depend on the acorns in fall for nutrition. Close-up of leaves turning to orange and yellow fall colors white oak tree starting to turn fall colors