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Ferns are an ancient plant group. Some fern fossils date back to 360 million years ago. This indicates that these plants are far older than dinosaurs. Ferns are commonly found in moist, well-sheltered forest areas. They reproduce from spores instead of seeds. They also have a unique vegetative structure called fronds instead of leaves. Here we have listed three different species of ferns.

Japanese Painted Ferns

Japanese painted ferns are considered to be one of the most showy fern species.  It is an unusual fern that has multicolored foliage. Colors include purple, silver, and green.

Japanese fern with a new frond unrolling close-up of frond to show signature interesting colors--silver and green with purple--of Japanese painted fern whole Japanese painted fern plant

Lady in Red Ferns

Lady in red ferns get their name from their red stems amidst their green foliage. These easy to grow ferns are typically dense and upright, growing about 2 feet tall with a similar spread.

Close-up of red stem on new frond on lady in red fern Close-up of fully grown frond on lady in red fern Whole lady in red fern

Leatherwood Ferns

Leatherwood ferns are a deep green and semi-evergreen. These ferns are frequently used in floral arrangements.

Close-up of new frond on leatherwood fern Close-up of fully grown frond on leatherwood fern Whole leatherwood fern