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‘Chicago Peace’ Rose

There are more than 150 species of roses and thousands of named varieties within these species. Most rose varieties are deciduous shrubs, but other growth habits such climbers, which need a means of support, exist. Rose flowers originally possessed five petals, but breeders have developed varieties that produce flowers with more than 40 petals. Sharp extensions along stems are often mistakenly called thorns, they are actually prickles. In addition to their ornamental value, roses can also be used in medicine, food, and perfume.

It is often difficult to place a specific rose variety into a single category. Hybrid tea, floribunda and grandiflora roses are the classic categories. ‘Chicago Peace’ is a hybrid tea. Hybrid tea roses usually produces one flower at the end of a long stem. This cultivar has large flowers with a pink blend color.

'Chicago Peace' rose flower bud open flower of 'Chicago Peace' rose Typical characteristic of hybrid tea roses with a single large flower (6-inch diameter) at end of long stem