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Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping willow is native to China. These are fast growing trees, growing up to 10 feet per year. The name refers to the way the branches gracefully arch all the way down to the ground. These trees are often planted for a focal shade spot. Leaves are long and narrow and connected to a thin, flexible twig that moves with every light breeze. Leaves turn to yellow in the fall. Trees are dioecious, meaning that trees produce either male or female flowers. Weeping willows are not only beautiful, they have several practical uses. Weeping willows were used by Native Americans to cure headaches. Today, an acid found in the weeping willow is used to make aspirin. Wood from the weeping willow is strong and durable. It is used to make baseball bats, other sporting equipment, and furniture.

weeping willow has narrow leaves and subtle flowers on branches weeping willow bark weeping willow tree