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What's New for '22?

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David Trinklein
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Published: February 3, 2022

"What's new?" is a question often posed when friends meet. For gardeners, these words uttered early in the year most often refer to new introductions of plant material. If the prospect of growing something new or different interests you, then 2022 should be quite a gardening treat. Seed companies have introduced a plethora of new bedding plants, several of which received the coveted All American Selection (AAS) Award. Below is a description of a number of the new annuals for 2022 that should perform well under Missouri conditions.

Amaranthus 'Red Cathedral' (Amaranthus cruentus). Amaranthus 'Red Cathedral' has rich crimson red upright plumes that will really pop in your garden bed. It adds a striking contrast among your green shrubs to wow people walking by. From Harris Seeds.

Begonia 'Bewitched Night Owl' (Begonia rex). 'Night Owl' is an eye-catching addition to Bewitched Rex Begonias. They are perfect for a shady spot on the porch or indoors all season long. The silver and black colors on the foliage creates a crisp, clean contrast and makes a great companion to other annuals and perennials. From GreenFuse Images

peach colored flowers

credit: Dummen Orange

Begonia 'I'CONIA Scentiment Peachy Keen' (Begonia x interspecific). I'CONIA 'Scentiment Peachy Keen' is the first abundantly fragrant member of the I'CONIA lineup of hybrid garden begonias. This plant has a profusion of brightly bicolored blooms in a citrus orange and sunshine yellow, with a fresh springtime fragrance. It is best used in hanging baskets or containers in partial shade. The plants will flower nonstop from spring through autumn for a full season of color and scent. From Dummen Orange.

Begonia 'Nonstop Joy Rose Picotee' (Begonia tuberhybrida). Nonstop 'Joy Rose Picotee' begonia is a unique semi-trailing begonia that will bring nonstop joy to your garden. It's easy to grow with fuller branching which makes it perfect for hanging baskets. From Ernst Benary of America.

Begonia 'Viking™ Explorer Rose on Green' (Begonia x hybrida). A 2022 AAS Award winner, this trailing begonia has high impact color and foliage that spreads and spills over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. Prolific rose-colored flowers stand out against the glossy green foliage and do so all season long. It has a strong tolerance to heat and many diseases, as well as both wet and dry conditions. From Sakata Seeds America.

peach and pink colored flowers

credit: Hemert & Co. B.V.

Cosmos 'Apricotta' (Cosmos bipinnatus). These freely-flowering, cupped-shaped cosmos is excellent cut flowers for home gardeners and farmer markets. It will bloom also in borders steadily for weeks from summer through early autumn. The sturdy, tall plants bear larger flowers compared to the dwarf varieties of cosmos and add much needed color at a time of year. From Hemert & Co. B.V.

Dahlia 'Labella Grande Fun Red White' (Dahlia hortensis). This new addition to the Labella Grande series of begonia bears gorgeous glowing red and white blooms on compact plants. It is perfect for beds, borders or containers and thrives with full sun and plentiful water. From Beekenkamp Plants.

Dahlia 'Melissa Anna Marijke' (Dahlia pinnata). This new dahlia is simply gorgeous. Its three and one-half inch, fully double flowers feature florets that are violet on top but have upward curls along their edges that display a bold cherry-red reverse, creating a beautiful two-tone effect. It is perfect for cutting and very suitable for growing in the middle of a border. From Breck's.

burgundy and white colored flowers

credit: Breck's

Dahlia 'X-Factor' (Dahlia pinnata). The bi-color blooms of the 'X-Factor' dahlia can reach up to a whopping 8" across. Velvety, deep red petals are adorned with bright white tips. It makes a stunning addition to any garden, border or bouquet. Additionally, it is easy to grow and maintain. From Breck's.

Dianthus 'Jolt Purple' (Dianthus barbatus interspecific). 'Jolt Purple' delivers shocking waves of beautiful purple to any container or color border from spring to fall. Easy to grow and trouble free, it features showy flowers on strong stems that hold up well. From PanAmerican Seed Co.

Foxglove 'Falcon Fire' (Digiplexis hybrid). Digiplexis, a hybrid between hardy Digitalis and tender Isoplexis, is prized for its incredibly long bloom power, flowering from spring to frost. "Falcon Fire' features deep pink flowers with mango orange interiors that are produced on sturdy flower spikes. Its rich, dark green leaves form a large foliar canopy underneath the flowers. From Walters Gardens Inc.

red and white colored flowers

credit: PanAmerican Seed Co.

Gerbera 'ColorBloom™ Bicolor Red White' (Gerbera jamesonii). The ColorBloom gerbera series features big, bright, daisy-like flowers that appear sooner than with other gerberas. 'Bicolor Red White' is but one of a number of colors available in the series. Perfect for potted plants, patio containers and gardens, its compact plants allow the colorful blooms to show through. From PanAmerican Seed Co.

Gomphrena 'Fireworks' (Gomphrena haageana). Your garden will explode with eye-popping color with this low maintenance gomphrena. 'Fireworks' has a unique flower head that's different from most gomphrenas. The hot pink color combined with the yellow tips can be used as a fresh cut flower or dried flower. From Osborne Quality Seeds.

Impatiens 'Beacon Rose' (Impatiens walleriana). 'Beacon Rose' is a new color for 2022 in the Beacon series of impatiens. This series has been trialed and offers high resistance to the widely prevalent strains of Impatiens downy mildew. Vibrant in the shade, all members of the series are suitable for packs, pots, hanging baskets and in-ground beds. From NGB PanAmerican Seed Co.

red colored flowers

credit: Syngenta Flowers LLC

Impatiens 'Spectra™ Bright Red' (Impatiens interspecific). Blooming brightly, this new introduction raises the standard for New Guinea impatiens with interspecific breeding. Spectra offers large flowers, excellent branching, and intense colors. Early to flower and uniform mounded habits make Spectra grower-friendly and versatile in all pot sizes and hanging baskets. A real standout in the garden, this high-quality New Guinea performs well in both sun and shade gardens. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

Impatiens New Guinea 'Florific Lavender' (Impatiens hawkeri). 'Florific Lavender' can be used in a variety of ways in the home landscape. It works ideally in mass plantings in garden beds that get approximately four to six hours of afternoon shade. It also will perform well in a range of containers and planters to brighten shady porches and patios. From Harris Seeds.

Kalanchoe 'Deck'd Out' (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana). This is truly a low maintenance kalanchoe series is designed to "deck out" any deck or patio. Members are extremely drought-tolerant, display non-stop flowering and attract loads of pollinators. The 'Kalanchoe Deck'd Out' series is launching with four exciting colors including Premium Pink, Radiant Rose, Mad Magenta and the bi-color California Coral. From Dummen Orange.

red colored flowers

credit: Syngenta Flowers LLC

Mandevilla 'Madinia Elegant Velvet Red' (Dipladenia hybrida). You will love the new Mandevilla 'Madinia Elegant Velvet' because of its hot colors that wow. Limited vining and bushy habit growth habit allows enjoyment on all sizes of patios. The Madinia series offers continuous flowering, drought tolerance, and disease resistance that ensures enjoyment all summer long. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

Mandevilla 'Madinia Maximo Scarlet' (Mandevilla hybrida). 'Madinia Maximo Scarlet' is vine that bears lively, cranberry-red flowers and makes an ideal trellised or container plant. This flashy, easy-to-grow annual demands attention with its abundance of trumpet-shaped colorful blooms. Gardeners will enjoy the butterflies and hummingbirds it attracts throughout the spring and summer. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

Mandevilla 'Sunvilla™ Red' (Mandevilla 'MANZ0018'PPAF). The Sunvilla collection provides free-flowing, tropical color in the garden, while remaining well-behaved, with a mounding, lush growth habit. These bold climbers were chosen because their blooms are slow to fade, adding long-lasting enjoyment and interest to an arbor, trellis or hanging basket. Mandevilla 'Sunvilla Red' features bold red flowers with a yellow throat. A vigorous vine with glossy, dark green foliage it will climb onto a trellis or arbor, and will drape over fences. From Monrovia Nursery.

yellow colored flowers

credit: Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Mandevilla 'Sun Parasol® Original Sunbeam' (Mandevilla hybrida). 'Sun Parasol Sunbeam' is the first yellow in the Sun Parasol series. It has beautiful buttery yellow blooms with a darker throat and is well-suited for containers and hanging baskets. It also is suitable for a trellis or arbor. Create a tropical paradise with 'Sun Parasol Sunbeam'. From Suntory Flowers Limited.

Marigold 'Endurance™ Sunset Gold' (Tagetes triploid interspecific). This new marigold was developed by crossing African marigold (T. erecta) x French marigold (T. patula). The result is a triploid hybrid. Since triploids are sterile, flowers do not set seed and remain attractive for an extended period. 'Endurance Sunset Gold' boasts the large flowers typical of African marigolds on plants which show the compact French marigold growth habit. Like all marigolds, it is heat tolerance and displays unsurpassed garden performance, providing masses of blooms all-season long. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

Marigold 'Xochi Orange' (Tagetes erecta). Large, attractive three-to-four inch blooms top strong, sturdy stems. The rich color makes this specialty cut flower variety one of the best. A 10-day vase life means you can enjoy these beautiful blooms longer as cut flowers From PanAmerican Seed Co.

light yellow colored flowers

credit: West Coast Seeds

Marigold 'White Sugar and Spice' (Tagetes erecta). Light colored 'White Sugar and Spice' marigolds will brighten up your garden bed or container. Easy to maintain, they make a great addition to any garden. The exquisite, fully double flower with creamy white petals impart a stunning carnation look-a-like atop feathery foliage. The texture and color are a win-win combination. From West Coast Seeds.

Nemesia 'Nesia Inca' (Nemesia hybrida). Expect an abundance of flowers during the summer months on this new nemesia. The Nesia series is known for its abundance large-sized flowers in striking colors atop strong and stable stems. A great companion plant in combo planters, 'Nesia Inca' features golden-yellow blooms that add softness and airiness to any container or garden bed. From Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm.

Pansy 'Atlas Black' (Viola x wittrockiana). Pansy 'Atlas Black' is an ideal flower for fall gardens. Dark purple blooms with a light orange center pair nicely for Halloween and beyond. In the spring they can be used to impart more depth to garden beds and borders. From Harris Seeds.

yellow colored flowers

credit: Ball FloraPlant

Petunia 'Bee's Knees' (Petunia hybrida). An AAS Award winner, this new petunia is an outstanding and eye-catching yellow petunia. Each 'Bee's Knees' petunia is filled with lush blooms that put on a colorful show of deep yellow, non-fading flowers all season long. The intense yellow flowers contrasts beautifully against the plants deep green leaves. 'Bee's Knees' offers great garden performance and requires very little maintenance. Gardeners will love its deep, rich yellow color and its versatile mounding habit. From Ball FloraPlant.

Petunia 'Fun House Potpourri' (Petunia hybrida). 'Fun House Potpourri' is a dynamic new petunia with unique flower color and pattern. Its growth habit makes it an attractive addition to hanging baskets and patio containers. The two-toned colors are fun and eye-catching and pair well with many different annual and perennial plants. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

Petunia 'Hippy Chick' (Petunia hybrida). Are you ready to plant something groovy and new? Then look no further than 'Hippy Chick' petunia. Its unique flower form has white edges on a violet-colored bloom. 'Hippy Chick' is a vigorous grower, filling containers and hanging baskets quickly. From Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm.

pink and purple colored flowers

credit: Botanical Interests® Seeds

Petunia 'Garden Party' (Petunia x atkinsiana). This new petunia is dressed in unending shades of pink and ready to party. Boasting large, ruffled blooms, 'Garden Party' has the flower power to bring gardens and containers to life. With its mounding, upright growth habit, it is considered to be a floribunda type, meaning it will flower in abundance throughout the growing season, attracting butterflies and pollinators. From Botanical Interests® Seeds.

Petunia 'Limbo Yellow Lime' (Petunia grandiflora). Genetically compact and large-flowered, this new petunia bears flowers that are a light lime yellow. It combines beautifully with other pastel colors. 'Limbo' series petunias will get tall and fall to the sides, and last beautifully all season long. It is great either in ground or in containers and baskets. From Hem Genetics.

Petunia 'Headliner Enchanted Sky' (Petunia cultivars). The newest member of the 'Headliner' series, this new petunia features both a hazy white star and a starry sky pattern backed in a cheery pink flower color which adds a different color to your summer annuals. The 'Headliner Enchanted Sky' is known for its mounded, medium-vigor growth habit which is perfect for impactful hanging baskets. From Selecta, and Darwin Perennials.

yellow-orange colored flowers

credit: Sakata Seeds America

Petunia 'SuperCal Premium Sunset Orange' (Petunia x petchoa hybrida). When it comes to garden performance, 'SuperCal' and new 'SuperCal Premium' are uniquely superior to all other petunias. Part petunia, part calibrachoa, they are all-weather performers that can stand up to cold and heat. Plus, they can withstand heavy rains and bounce right back with little to do damage. From Sakata Seeds America.

Petunia 'Surfinia Heavenly Cabernet' (Petunia hybrida). Like a glass of fine cabernet, the blooms of this new petunia are a gorgeous burgundy/purple with dark throats. All 'Surfinia' petunias exhibit outstanding garden performance, are extremely fast-growing, profuse bloomers that are self-cleaning and have superb weather tolerance. It is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and landscapes. From Suntory Flowers Limited.

Polka Dot Plant 'Splash Select Pink' (Hypoestes phyllostachya). 'Select Splash Pink' is versatile plant that can be used as a houseplant or outside as an annual. It will add a fun pop of color to any container or garden bed and can be brought inside for the winter. 'Splash Select Pink' is very easy to grow represents a fun addition to your garden. From Pinetree Garden Seeds.

red colored flowers

credit: National Garden Bureau

Plume Celosia 'Arrabona Red' (Celosia plumosa). 'Arrabona Red' is a tall (16-inch) celosia that bears brightly colored flowers throughout the growing season. Like all celosias, it is very tolerant of heat and drought, and a great summer annual in difficult areas. It is excellent for use in ground beds or in mixed containers. From Hem Genetics.

Salvia 'Hummingbird Falls' (Salvia x. guaranitica). 'Hummingbird Falls' is a groundbreaking plant to the Salvia genus. This trailing, hanging basket salvia is the first of its kind and offers gardeners an extremely heat-tolerant plant with vivid-blue blooms and rich, shiny black calyces that continue all summer. This salvia is a hummingbird magnet and can be used as a natural feeder around the house. From Dummen Orange.

Snapdragon 'Snappy Rose Flame' (Antirrhinum majus). 'Snappy Rose Flame' is a compact, mounding snapdragon that covers the plant in flowers all summer through first frosts. Beautiful rose pink and white flowers draw attention in the garden or in mixed containers. Flowers are very tolerant of frost and even freezing temperatures which make them ideal to extend color in early spring or late fall. From Hem Genetics.

yellow colored flowers

credit: All-American Selections

Sunflower 'Concert Bell' (Helianthus annuus). A 2022 AAS Award winner, 'Concert Bell' sunflower is a sunflower bouquet on a single stalk. Beautiful golden yellow blooms appear earlier than comparative sunflower varieties. Each plant grows to a very uniform height of five to six feet and, if used as a cut flower, makes an instant, ready-made bouquet from just one cut. From Tohoku Seed Co., Ltd. Distributed in North America by Seed Science Inc.

Sunflower 'ProCut® White Lite' (Helianthus annuus). With pale, creamy yellow petals and a light golden-green center, this blonde beauty is sophisticated enough for use in wedding flowers and sturdy enough for market bouquets. Every bit as early and reliable as the other well-known 'ProCut' colors. From Hoss Tools Seeds.

Torenia 'Hi-Lite' (Torenia fournieri). This new torenia boasts multi-branched plants that fill packs and small pots with ease for high-density production. Its tight flowering window and well-matched plant habits increase efficiency and reduce grower costs. 'Hi-Lite' was bred under extreme conditions to perform well in high heat and humidity, resisting stretch and fade. Perfect plant for borders and different container combinations. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

purple-lavender colored flowers

credit: All-American Selections

Torenia 'Vertigo Deep Blue' (Torenia fournieri). A 2022 AAS Award winner, Torenia 'Vertigo Deep Blue' has a compact habit, flowers for a very long period of time, and produces glossy green foliage. AAS judges were impressed with the number of flowers on each plant and the vibrant, non-fading blue petals that contrast beautifully with the sky blue and yellow centers The large blooms do not fade even when exposed to strong sunlight, making it perfect for the container on a balcony or small patio. From AmeriSeed.

Vinca 'Soiree® Flamenco Senorita Pink' (Catharanthus hybrid). Let 'Soiree Flamenco Senorita Pink' put on a fashion show in your beds, baskets, and containers with its fringed, ruffled petals and striking bi-colors. Perfect for summer, it is very tolerant of warm conditions. Very free flowering, plants keep their habit all summer long. From Suntory Flowers Limited.

Vinca 'Cora Cascade Apricot' (Catharanthus roseus). 'Cora' is a heavy flowering, cascading vinca series presenting beautiful bright and colorful flowers on dark green glossy foliage. It is renowned for its long bloom span, heat and drought tolerance, and versatility. It is great for patio containers, hanging baskets, borders and beds. From Syngenta Flowers LLC.

yellow-red colored flowers

credit: All-American Selections

Zinnia 'Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor' (Zinnia hybrid). A previous AAS Gold Medal and Fleuroselect winner, 'Red Yellow Bicolor' is an outstanding addition to the popular 'Profusion' series of zinnias. This gorgeous zinnia starts the season with a bold, vibrant red center ring surrounded by golden-yellow outer petals. As the season progresses, the aging flowers morph to soft, beautiful shades of apricot, salmon, and dusty rose; bringing a plethora of color to the garden - all from one variety. From Sakata Seed America.

Zinnia 'Cresto' (Zinnia elegans). 'Cresto' is much improved selection of the old favorite crested zinnia. With brilliant, bright red flowers on tall sturdy stems, it is ideal for cutting and bringing indoors to enjoy. Its crested flower gives this zinnia a unique look among your bouquets. It is available in other colors in addition to red. From Osborne Quality Seeds.

Zinnia 'Profusion Double Red' (Zinnia hybrid). 'Profusion Double Red' has all the great attributes of the original 'Profusion' series, but with double flowers. It is absolutely covered with an abundance of big, fully-double red flowers. 'Profusion' and 'Profusion Double' are the go-to zinnia series for disease resistance and uniformity, including singles and doubles. Mix any of the colors in packs or pots for added interest. From Sakata Seed America.

Credit: Adapted from an article by the National Garden Bureau.

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